Hans Myrhaug

Hans Myrhaug is business co-founder and has 18 years experience in developing, participating, and leading international project consortiums, proposals, and contracts.

A good portion of his competence was gained whilst at SINTEF, Norway - Scandinavia's largest independent research institute which invented the GSM standard, although, the first mobile phone was invented in Sweden prior to this.

He has key skills in several areas; user interface design; systems development (software and hardware); arts and product design. Research and systems development within mobile information services, health care, and transportation applications.

Since 1999 he has worked full time in international projects with the main objectives to research and innovate new technology and applications with end-users. He provides the team with extensive knowledge and experience in software and hardware product design and development.

He was the Coordinator of the AmbieSense EU-IST project - a 5,7 mill EUR international project with 50+ people involved throughout the project, 8 project partners, and several sub-contractors.