Products and Services

AmbieSense is an international supplier of products and solutions to the market of mobile information services. We help you to create and deliver engaging information experiences and interaction for mobile users.

We are specialists in integrating digital information with physical space and objects. We provide access on mobile devices so that the user can use the device to interact with information and operate from wherever they are. The aim is to provide relevant information to the right situations and users.

Increasingly, mobile users need more functionality for digital interoperability than just to access mobile information and data on the Web, social media, or in the cloud. They will in the near future also need to connect to, interact with, and remote control Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, and personal robots from their mobile devices. We therefore also work on such new aspects of mobile information systems.

Perhaps your goal is to: capture new audiences; reach out to people; provide or extend your services; enter new markets; retain more clients; increase income or reduce costs; market yourself on the mobile, or simply reach out to a much wider audience with your information?

AmbieSense helps you satisfy your clients' information needs with a user-driven approach. We are committed to help you develop and provide new products and service involving mobile devices, sensors and actuators in the surroundings, and the cloud.