AmbieSense operates in Europe, and is currently headquartered in the United Kingdom.

We are here for organisations and businesses that would like to think new about their digital strategies, including using and integrating with Social media, Mobile apps, IoT, Big Data, Cloud Services, Mobility, Remote sensing, and Cyber-physical systems. We can help you enable the right information engagement, delivery, and distribution between you, your customers, and suppliers.

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European Innovation

AmbieSense originally started as a large, European project funded by the EU-IST FP5 Research Programme. Due to the high success in both research and innovation, AmbieSense was founded early in 2005 with strong support and help from Innovation Norway and Scottish Enterprise from autumn 2004 and onwards, resulting in joint commercialisation in both countries.

The project outputted over 30 research publications, but also with high success in commercialising several key technologies enabling mobile information services. Today, these corner-stones are commonly referred to as Mobile apps, Internet of Things, and Cloud Services. Several of the research publications continue to be cited in particular on personalisation, context-awareness, and user evaluation methodology. Being an SME the company continue to work on research and innovation, generating journal and conference publications in addition to high tech innovation.

We continue to contribute to European Innovation by participating in European Research and Innovation projects, to keep ourselves up-to-date on new and emerging technologies that can give ourselves and customers the upper edge.

Some historic information can be found on However, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information on these earlier research results.