Information services

We provide a range of information service solutions that can be customised to the clients' needs. If you are new to AmbieSense, we can propose a pilot project to demonstrate the effects that you might be looking for.

Example solutions we have provided and can offer to your business are:

Tourist trails

Experience information as you walk the route.

Placing AmbieSense wireless information points and public displays at key locations along the trails provides tourists with information exactly tailored to the location they are in and can provide them with information as to how to get from one point on the trail to another.

Trails can be customised according to personal interest, or can be configured to provide a "rambling" experience. People can wander about without any preconceived plan and be beeped discreetly now and again.

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The museum guide on your mobile phone.

AmbieSense provides the perfect dynamic and customisable experience for Museums and Art Galleries.

With AmbieSense wireless information points located at key locations in the museum or gallery, indoor or outdoor, visitors can choose to have guided experiences of various kinds, as well as selecting specific personalised tours.

Whichever type of experience visitors are guided between points of interest and can even be alerted if they have taken a wrong turning and need to get back on track.

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Educate school children about the local environment.

Helping school children to investigate their local environment, Ambiesense Ltd provides an electronic work book environment in an engaging and novel way that attracts the student's interest.

It allows easier customisation by age group, subject matter and self paced learning.

It also provides opportunities for providing background information and connections with Web based content that is not feasible in a paper equivalent.

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As part of a coordinated tourist experience, or in specific shopping focused environments, such as airports and shopping malls, AmbieSense Ltd can for instance help retail chains, brands, and shopping malls to advertise their offerings. We can provide a unique and customised shopping experience with a combination of public displays and mobile phones use.

We can also help you implement your customer loyalty programs and campaigns on the mobile. We mean we can do this better than any mobile operator could do for you, because we can help you stay in touch with your customers and tap them on the shoulder just when they visit you. The key to successful customer loyalty programs on the mobile is partially personalisation but especially about knowing precisely where and when to whisper to your customers the right information and service that they need.

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Large scale events, such as conferences festivals, and exhibitions can benefit from AmbieSense technology to help visitors find exhibitors and vice versa.

We can help events, festivals, and large exhibitions to advertise what and where things happen. You can achieve a high tech experience for the visitors, which could mean increased visits next year.

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Mobile marketing

In the consumer markets, mobile marketing is expected to be a key growth area. The immediacy, interactivity and mobility of mobile phones provide a novel marketing channel. Interaction with information on the personal mobile can be provided anytime and anywhere. However, as experience has shown, it is important to listen to the consumers. We do.

Our approach to mobile marketing ensures that people regard the information as highly relevant for them. We provide you with control over the where, when, and who that receive your information - whether it is indoor and outdoor environments. We can help the local shop, businesses, and international enterprises without involving the mobile operators.

We only provide advice for effective and sustainable mobile marketing, that is when you would like the right person to receive the right marketing material. Our approach is scalable and flexible. Mobile marketing is an instrument to promote your organisation. It has a high potential if it is used correctly.

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