Ocean monitoring and subsea

Ocean monitoring can encompass a range of purposes - from observing and tracking marine ecology and climate, to subsea maintenance of equipment. Current approaches to ocean monitoring are restricted in their vision and sensing capabilities. 

AmbieSense builds ocean monitoring robots that serve as marine eyeballs, capturing live enhanced videos and images of local on-sea and subsea surroundings. 

Our custom-designed adaptive camera systems enable dramatically improved situational awareness in ocean monitoring, through the use of augmented vision and environmental sensors. Their multiple lenses enable greater diversity of applications, including for autonomous shipping, offshore, deep-sea, surface, ROVs, AUVs, security, safety, and night vision. They support multi- and hyper-spectral use, and are particularly suitable for use by offshore services, to make operations and maintenance in oil and gas more effective.

See our video below for more information and demonstrations of our technology, or contact us to find out more.