We are proud to announce participation in OPENi Horizon2020 EU project.

OPENi will directly address the lack of interoperability between cloud based services and enable applications to access and use a broad spectrum of existing cloud based functionality and content, consistently across different devices and platforms, in a way that enables a user-centric application experience. Targeting the needs of Application Developers, Services Providers and Consumers, OPENi will realize its vision for user-centric, cloud-connected, mobile applications.

In today’s society, accessing cloud-based services, such as YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, TripAdvisor, is predominantly through applications on mobile devices. Through everyday usage, consumers of these services provide these services providers with an immense amount of content and personal data. However, due to the lack of consumer-controlled cloud storage infrastructures and the siloed nature of cloud-based services, consumers are deprived of any control over their content or data. Furthermore, they are unable to make this data available to multiple applications across various services and devices - something which has led to a significantly impaired application usage experience and stagnation in application innovation.

OPENi will define and deliver an open-source web platform that will enable mobile application consumers to store data and metadata from their mobile application usage in their own space in the cloud - the “Cloudlet”. This information can be shared (by and under the control of the consumer) securely among their applications, services and across their connected devices. To realize this vision OPENi will provide the required components that will support both consumers in creating and managing their Cloudlets but also Developers in creating applications that will be able to access and interact with them without disrupting service providers.

OPENi will be a catalyser for the creation and deployment of novel, innovative applications through the provision of a set of breakthrough technologies, with low take up barrier, while protecting existing business models. Developing a European centre of excellence around this project in which European companies can convene and collectively drive innovation in the future Internet.

AmbieSense focuses on innovative web application to capture, annotate, share, retrieve, and reuse personal photos for the mass market.